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Mature technology By merging the manufacture experience of old label loom, studying the new design idea and precise fabrication technology of hot-cut label loom and combining today¡äs electronic technology with new trend of spinning industrial , the best performance and fastest label loom has been developed. Driving parts of linked sword bar are immersed in lubricating oil tank to make sure in their running order. Sword bar belt is inside the shuttle open to prevent from touching the warp yarn. Advanced technology Structural firm and simple , which make the loom work under high production speed with high efficiency and high throughput. Simple operation, and easy maintenance. Each electrical control function can be applied in every individual production requirement to minimize the electric power consumption and compressed air consumption. Minimize waste product and man power that make this system a creative invent among the label world. Features: 1.Simply structure uses the crank axle direct movement, easy to operate with the lowest hindrance rate to reduce waste of parts. 2.Revoling motion with secret bearing.Lubricating the machine with oil by pump once a day ,enable the machine to produce for 24 hours. 3.Weft insert from left. 4.Independent chain is easy to adjust and control repeat of patterns.

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